Revelation 2019-08-09

By Max Woerner Chase

As I was saying yesterday, I switched off of \(\TeX{}\), more or less. I'm trying to migrate to a TiddlyWiki. I'm trying out Beaker Browser for this. It's similar to TiddlyDesktop in that, judging by my initial impressions of Beaker and my memories of TiddlyDesktop, neither one has spellcheck for TiddlyWiki.

I'm now trying out some Firefox extensions, which work, as long as the file is in the downloads directory. This is fine. In all seriousness, I'll see what I think. It just feels weird to be shoving stuff in my downloads directory on purpose.

This was such a smoother user experience like ten years ago. Oh well.

Moving on from technical difficulties, I started throwing stuff—

Wait, no, I just tried Timimi and this is great. Seamless.

Anyway, I started copying stuff into tiddlers, and now I know I need to actually make a dang outline of how this stuff is meant to fit together. The general way I want this to work is that the first tiddler shown gives an overview of things, focusing on qualitative descriptions and keeping the tables out of the way. Then, if the player sees something with interesting flavor, they can drill into it for mechanical details.

I'll try and get that outlining done tomorrow, but I just went from "pretty sleepy" to "really sleepy" so, um, good night.