Revelation 2019-08-08

By Max Woerner Chase

I decided that for today, I'd focus on just transferring the current draft of the prototype Revelation system, which is kind of a generic urban-fantasy thing, in TeX. Excuse me, \(\TeX{}\). (In draft view, that last bit keeps on taking a sec to render, then rendering properly, then glitching out. Computers!) This is different from the way it seems like most people create similar content, and it might have been a mistake to do it this soon. Probably I should be working on getting stuff down on paper.

Anyway, let's think about organization. Basing stuff off the moves from PbtA stuff kind of bakes in an assumption that there's long-term stuff to keep track of, so it might make sense to try creating a character sheet. On the other hand, I want to avoid raising the barrier to entry for authoring Revelation content too high.

Anyway, it seems to me that the most important things to put on a character sheet are various stats and attributes, and the conditions under which the different moves are triggered, and either the text of the move, or a reference to it. Putting it like this suggests to me another possible medium for Revelation: TiddlyWiki. The various choices and moves could be their own tiddlers, and have some kind of preview rendering for the big lists. And, it could perhaps be possible to incorporate character creation workflows into the wiki itself. That can be a stretch goal; the basics would be a good thing to work on... later.

I've got to wrap things up quickly here. Good night.