Conlanging 2021-05-12

By Max Woerner Chase

Still working on defining allowable consonant clusters. I'd have made better time if my body hadn't freaked out and betrayed me two days ago, but oh well. I'm currently working on onsets, mostly. I think I've got preliminary rules for all stops, and I'm liking the system I have so far. (That is, the system for figuring out which combinations to allow. I haven't gone over the current candidates out loud yet.) It probably won't work as well for codas, unfortunately, but that's not a pressing concern yet.

Today, I also updated dependencies in some of my projects, and good thing, too, because I'd somehow missed properly recording some changes that I'm sure I did the proper legwork for.

I'm going to wrap up now and try and get some time away from my screens.

Good night.