Conlanging 2021-05-08

By Max Woerner Chase

I looked into asking for help, and I concluded that there are a few resources I didn't properly search for; I now have candidates for those, and I can use those to be better-informed when I do ask for help. One thing I'll need to keep in mind, I suppose, is that I'm not obligated to get the phonotactics to be super-close to any existing language; I just feel like it would help aesthetically.

Maybe the right approach is to see how far I can get, based on what I've found so far.

I'll work on that over the weekend, I hope, but what I want to figure out right at this moment, is how much I need to have worked out before I'll show off something.

So, I'll try to put together a list here, and then post this.

Probably more things in between those items. Anyway, it's late, I'd like to wrap up sooner than I have been.

Good night.