Coding 2023-03-12

By Max Woerner Chase

I was pretty much just decompressing all day, but I did get some of the work I was thinking of done.

Basically, I want to investigate using the current release of MOTR with the hobby projects that it's supposed to help with. This would be a bad idea if I were writing one motrfile per project.

Which is why my plan is to write the motrfile once in a pijul repository, and then merge that repository into other repositories. The idea is that the functional changes to the code should be entirely orthogonal to the updates I make to the motrfile, so the patches should be completely independent.

Here's how things look for my plans:

The basic goal here is to get around feeling like any Python work I do "has to" be for MOTR. It will make sense to keep working on it, because I want to make it easier to edit the motrfile, but writing it once should be okay, I hope.

Anyway, it's way too late right now.

Good night.