Coding 2023-03-13

By Max Woerner Chase

Okay, let's see. I'm working on a motrfile that should work with the projects I want to work on. It will eventually be available through my Pijul Nest page, but I'm mainly putting it there as a backup, as I don't expect it to be useful to anyone else, unless someone got really excited about MOTR for some reason, and needs a reality check about the current state of the software.

The current state of it is that I'm close to having it ready for running flake8. Next, I'll look into setting stuff up with mypy, then pytest, profiling, and coverage. Next up, shiv or some similar packaging.

The big thing to work out is how to hook up stuff like virtualenv and pyproject-build. This is stuff that I believe should be working in the current development version, but I kind of forget what I did... And, in any case, I can't use the current development version. Or, I don't want to, not until I've come to a decision on those changes I was considering.

Anyway, it's getting late and I'm tired; I should get ready for bed.

Good night.