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  1. Weekly Roundup 2019-12-31

    By Max Woerner Chase

    You wouldn't think not going to work would leave me so little time for posts, and yet...

  2. Weekly Roundup 2019-12-17

    By Max Woerner Chase

    What you have to understand is, I made * a lot* of progress on Baba Is You

  3. Weekly Roundup 2019-12-10

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Excellent correlation as usual between a stressful week and not having much to write about.

  4. Weekly Roundup 2019-12-03

    By Max Woerner Chase

    It would have been cool if I'd consciously decided to take a break, but it's fine, probably.

  5. Weekly Roundup 2019-11-12

    By Max Woerner Chase

    I continue to be amazed at the stuff that I did "only" six days ago. What is a sense of time?

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