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  1. Weekly Roundup 2021-01-05

    By Max Woerner Chase

    I did not have a good time last week. I seem to be doing a little better now that it's over.

  2. Weekly Roundup 2020-12-15

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Drawn to software projects with no clear purpose like a moth to a flame.

  3. Weekly Roundup 2020-12-08

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Trying to imagine how badly this would have gone if I'd just jumped in and started changing code. It would not have been pretty.

  4. Weekly Roundup 2020-11-24

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Final evaluation of whatever the heck I had/still kind of have: not covid, not as bad as covid; I'm not a fan of the various things it did to my face. I only worked as hard as I did last week, because one of the effects of being sick was not realizing how sick I was.

  5. Weekly Roundup 2020-11-10

    By Max Woerner Chase

    I think it's possible to define aliases in more complicated contexts, but I don't really want to handle the cases that come to mind.

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