Worldbuilding — Korín, Sorín, and Arín 2022-02-23

By Max Woerner Chase

Before I start writing up stuff for worldbuilding, I want to say that my laptop seems to be working fine now, without any of the rough edges introduced by previous workarounds, and I want to thank the fish devs for

*checks notes*

providing a snippet to copy into, which prevents

*checks notes*

snapd from clobbering

*checks notes*

$XDG_DATA_DIRS, which resolves the

*checks notes*

segfault in

*checks notes*

ksplashqml, which prevented

*checks notes*

Plasma from starting up properly.



Anyway, let's see what I can pick off when it comes to worldbuilding.

I did a little work, so, let's see what's still needed...

When I started working on this draft, I had some ideas about, like an overarching sensible organization. It looks like I'm going to have to accept that the layout of information is going to be, for now, slapdash and inscrutable.

Anyway, in light of that second bullet, I should be done with the current draft once I flesh out magical techniques a bit more.

It's late, and I'm nearly done. I'd best take a break now, and leave the rest for the next few days.

Good night.