Revelation 2019-08-11

By Max Woerner Chase

I got distracted from working much on Revelation today, but I'm still putting in in the category because nyeh. Before I start trying to code stuff in, or to work out how best to code it in, I need to think about how to add breadth and depth to the character creation. That means adding onto the list of options I've come up with for specific categories, but more importantly, and less worked-on-thus-far, is to get more categories to put stuff in.

Right now, I've got stuff roughed out for "how did you enter the masquerade?" and "what mundane skills are you bringing to the table?" I'm going to need to work on stuff such as:

I'm going to need to prioritize all of this stuff and figure out what to try to work on first, because it's probably not all strictly necessary, but it would mostly be nice.

It is actually taking an absurd amount of effort to type this. I should have just bailed on this for today.