OMICE Planning - Topics 2018-10-19

By Max Woerner Chase

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(HAHA Whoops the slug for the last post was wrong. It's fixed now.)

So, I forget if I ever really explained the OMI on this blog. Beyond the jokey name ("One-Man Institute"), the general idea has been to provide guides for worldbuilding, focused on worlds in which some natural laws are replaced by alternatives. I further ended up trying to to derive some principles of writing from an admittedly shaky understanding of quantum physics; I want to try to divorce the principles from said shaky understanding, since they're worth more in their own right than an analogy that I can't vouch for. Because it's hard to reason about a world with completely alien physics, most worldbuilders that could make use of anything I have to say in the OMI, could also do with pop-sci introductions to general principles, and, in particular, how those principles were developed or discovered.

Putting that in terms of some high-level summaries:

I think that does it for now; I had an exhausting day and I can't think of anything else.

Next time, the types of article, and what each will take to be "done".