MonFree - Goals 2018-06-29

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

So, there are several things to describe.

Homunculus is my name for a roguelike game/engine I'm writing, based on a tutorial for writing a roguelike using tdl. When it's done, the gameplay loop will be:

It has autosave functionality. Movement is turn- and grid-based; there's no diagonal movement because I didn't want to implement vimkeys, and I didn't think of anything better.

I hope to extract out the content assumptions, and extend the core functionality, to create engines and assets for games set in a region I made up, called Kalazia. For convenience, the two things I'm trying to put together, MonFree Retro and MonFree Journeys, I'll call the common code and assets MonFree Kalazia. I'm thinking about both Retro and Journeys, in part, to have some idea of which concepts I feel like pulling out into a library first.

When I was thinking about MonFree, I first thought about the ideas that went into Journeys, which came from reading the PTU rulebooks. I thought it'd be cool to have a video game that incorporated some of the ideas from the books, such as "type bends", and battling on a grid. I also think it'd be interesting to have the ability to customize the player character, from a gameplay perspective.

However, since some of that is pretty ambitious, I'd also be okay with something that packed ideas like "type bends" into a more old-school presentation. Hence, MonFree Retro.

I want the overall gameplay of MonFree Retro to be:

Where Retro has a fixed overarching plot with short sideplots that open up as the game continues, I want Journeys to be more of a quality-based narrative setup, maybe with waypoint-based conversations. (Terminology swiped from Beyond Branching: Quality-Based, Salience-Based, and Waypoint Narrative Structures) I don't have a specific vision for Journeys, so I'm first going to throw out some questions:

What I'm kind of imagining is an overall structure of story hooks that hint at different styles of narrative, and slot into a small set of predefined structures, which the player then moves between to define what their character is like. Kind of a hybrid of Fallen London and Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine.

So, overall gameplay of Journeys would be:

With those thoughts down, let's see what the ideas have in common:

Distinctions between Retro and Journeys:

This represents a good initial sketch of what the Kalazia games will be like. It's probably going to need a lot of expansion and refinement.

Next time, I try to organize these, and devise a sequence of iterative steps from Homunculus to Kalazia.