MonFree - Design 2018-07-01

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

I realized that I want to think a little about control scheme.

I'm inclined to say that the basic control scheme should be:

So, with everything I'm thinking about, I need to figure out a way to iterate. Easy things to change:

I'm going to need to think some more about how to accomplish the map transitions, because it seems like I don't have a fully fleshed-out and consistent idea of how the maps work in the games I'm trying to imitate here. Like, I'm pretty sure the maps in gen 1 at least were like, beyond certain boundaries on the maps, you triggered a map transition, but no other character did. This had the side effect that NPCs could wander out to a point where they'd suddenly vanish if you followed them. My issue thinking about this is that the playable area in the maps comes together to form a more-or-less contiguous thing, and there's no jarring transition, so either there's an underlying coordinate system that the maps are defining subsets of, or there's some data that's specific to pairs of maps that gets them aligned. The fact there I don't yet see an obvious solution to all this is a sign to me that I need to step away from this part and think about it more later.

Anyway, once the above changes are done, then I think I want to start getting a battle system in, and shops. Shops would basically be a place where you find an NPC who'll exchange around your qualities. For the battle system, that needs a Roster component, and Monster entities.

Thinking about qualities scoped to entities, stuff like stats definitely needs to distinguish between "not present" and "zero".

This week turned out really hard, but I guess I made some progress.

Next time, wrapping this week up.