By Max Woerner Chase

I don't know if anyone's stumbled across this blog; a good portion of the views are probably me making sure I didn't break the theming. Anyway, it behooves me to explain just who the heck I am.

My name is Max Woerner Chase. I'm a software engineer/developer/whatever for a small-ish company that recently moved its headquarters to Boston. I live in Natick, a short distance from the old HQ, with my wife of almost three years now.

I got my degree in Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, ran screaming away from the former, and decided the latter was still all right, when all was said and done. I feel like I've got a bit of unfinished business from my senior thesis, in that it really should work to take the fourier transform of a lattice of gaussians, basically to approximate potentials in the frequency domain instead of the spatial domain. I must have been messing up something with my calculations. But this doesn't really matter, and revisiting that code would involve writing more Java than I care to consider.

When it comes to math, I'm really interested in unconventional notation systems, at least ones that derive some gain from breaking with convention. Stuff like spider diagrams, balanced ternary, quater-imaginary base. I've also lately been trying to get a better handle on generating functions.

There are a variety of creative endeavors that I've been wanting for a while to devote more effort to, such as writing, illustration, music composition, learning the guitar, and game design and development. So far as pursuing each specifically: I've written in the past and should pick it back up, I've had basic drawing lessons and could maybe look into something like Draw a Box, I've taken classes on music theory, but I think mostly I just need to try stuff, the guitar is... in storage, and I've followed along with a roguelike tutorial (possible better accessed through as of this writing), which I hope to get back to at some point, and develop into its own thing.

I have been learning several languages through Duolingo; I should look into other avenues, like maybe musical soundtracks in Spanish, German, Russian, or Japanese. (I tried listening to opera, but I think I'd like something a little more bite-sized.)

Also, my wife and I are hella bi.