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  1. Diary 2019-10-13

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Preparing for some severe refactoring...

  2. Diary 2019-10-10

    By Max Woerner Chase

    I should figure out how to write formal specifications for Structured Data, since the coverage is excellent but there are still bugs.

  3. Diary 2019-10-09

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Be nice to your procgen algorithms. They are working very hard.

  4. Weekly Roundup 2019-10-08

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Getting closer and closer to a sensible interface. Shame it's probably super slow.

  5. Algebraic Data Types 2019-10-07

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Honestly not sure if I want the MatchDict to keep being a thing. It's kind of a painful level of boilerplate next to the new wrappers, but in the case of doing a match within a function...

  6. Algebraic Data Types 2019-10-05

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Genuinely unsure if this library will make sense to anyone else by the time I'm done with it.

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