Functional Specifications - Workflow 2018-12-02

By Max Woerner Chase

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This is the third post in this category which was definitely always spelled correctly.

Anyway, I didn't make much progress because of two factors. One is that I'm getting used to the idea of having a designated place to put stuff for a project. This is more mindbending for me than I'd like it to be. The other is that I'm stressing out about some paperwork. I'll try to get that cleared up in the morning.

The big thing I did is not terribly interesting: I decided, by gosh, yes, Google Docs probably makes more sense as a platform for this than reStructuredText files. So, I copied and reformatted the files, and added some design notes to the spec for Vislav Peterson and the Island of Gold. I've got a window up right now with some disorganized notes that I should get into the spec for Untitled Wagon Game.

I think the fact that I'm kind of reluctant to read my notes says bad things about how much of a point there is to writing them in the first place. I'll have to try to revise them to make them nicer on me somehow.

I'll try to shove in some more work before the retrospective.

Next time, my thoughts on this week.