Diary 2022-04-22

By Max Woerner Chase

Close-ish to do done with that work stuff. Anyway.

Right now, my focus is kind of ping-ponging back to conlanging, and my feeling on that is, okay, sure, do what feels good.

Right now, I'm reviewing the kind of stuff I put together for one of my attempts at conlanging, and trying to figure out what kind of tooling I want. Here's how I'm looking at that:

My basic hunch is that I should be able to get by in the early stages with a mixture of text files and spreadsheets. The reference grammars I want to put together will look like:

I'm... not sure how much of that can be properly done in Sphinx, like I'm hoping for as an endpoint. Like, at some point, do the requirements basically force me to be writing a Python file that essentially generates ReST nodes which somehow get awkwardly crowbared in. I think I wouldn't like that.

In any case, I'm going to start off with, plain text, plus either a spreadsheet, Python code, Lua code, or maybe try to make the tables in SQLite? I have to admit I feel some sort of weird interest in the idea of throwing away all formatting concerns and just typing stuff in DB Browser, buuuut some of these tables are going to need merged cells, so I can't use just SQLite. (Although, to be fair, the merged cells are for stuff that wouldn't really fit in a relational database anyway, so...)

Anyway, it's late, as usual, so I should wrap up and get to bed.

Good night.