Diary 2020-08-28

By Max Woerner Chase

I'm revisiting some of my design assumptions for cell. I think I've got a baseline for a better design, but I haven't fully nailed down how it's going to work. Because of this vagueness, I've decided to put some of cell's functionality on the back burner (basically, see if I can separate out the template concept from the rest and do the rest first). For now, I'm working on listing all of the functionality that the various utilities need from a top-down perspective, and I think I've got everything except the testing aspect of cell. I'm going to need to either find or reconstruct those flowcharts.

I'm also watching over some backup stuff. I'm trying to switch providers, and the initial backup to the new one is super slow. Hopefully it won't end up taking the full time until I have to switch, but right now I'm not confident.

Anyway, I'm tired and I want to wrap up.

Good night.