Diary 2020-07-04

By Max Woerner Chase

I looked over the code I mentioned yesterday, and a bit of tinkering and simplification was all I needed to accept that there's probably no point in trying to get it workable in production. Instead, I decided to pull in some existing libraries, and see about building the system I want on top of them. I got a fair bit sketched out before deciding that I need to plan and think more about this.

Anyway, other stuff I did today... I almost beat Slay the Spire with the fourth character, and then spent the next hour or so crashing from the adrenaline rush, because apparently I get excited about card games with virtual monsters attached to them.

I'm gradually accumulating more books I want to read. I think I should do more of that so my eyes get a little less blasted by backlighting.

I'll get that set up while this publishes, and wrap up for today ASAP.

Good night.