Diary 2019-08-01

By Max Woerner Chase

It was a rainy and hot day, and I put in a lot of effort and work. I can't remember doing much after I got home besides playing Nove Drift really badly, according to the top-left challenge. Got some ships with that that had no survivability, and also some weird nonsense.

Just tried to do some outlining for writing. It's a pretty sorry outline. I remember years and years ago trying to do a directed acyclic graph in a tree-based outline with a graphical view, which really didn't work. Now I've put together something that's basically just two levels: at the top is the story, and immediately below it is everything in the story, including some entries that are just, like, "I'm not sure what to put here???" Kind of a dramatic reversal, all the while maintaining a factor of not-working-very-well.

I guess outlining is a skill, and skills can get out of practice. Still, oof. Anyway, again, better wrap things up, cut the post off, etc. Good night.