Diary 2019-07-10

By Max Woerner Chase

I've been reading a bunch recently. Either these books are really short, or I forgot how quickly I could read an engaging novel. Either way, they're good. The Quantum Thief trilogy. I'm most of the way through it now.

I'm trying to do some writing, and that's a bit slower. I basically ended up doing kind of a weird yak shave, where I'm either trying to develop a setting for a role-playing game, or the other way around, I kind of forget, but now to get an idea of the character archetypes I want to support, I'm trying to write a story in the setting. I'm sure this will all make sense at some point.

So far as Seed goes, I think I'm going to need to ask for help or file documentation bugs, because it's not clear to me how to use some of the options to pijul record.

I'll try to get on that soon, and write some more. I don't know how quickly I can ramp back up now that I'm back in town; it feels like the travel messed me up in kind of subtle ways.

We'll see what I can do. Good night.