Diary 2019-04-14

By Max Woerner Chase

Not much happened today. It turns out I missed some bits of configuration when I ported stuff over to the new project, so I got those taken care of.

It's about ready to start taking the actual code in, which has me a little freaked out, since that's almost 500 lines of code with no tests, which is not ideal. Like, should I be pretending to do test-driven-development with this, or should I just plop it all in and add tests until I get the coverage all the way up?

I should also work on the documentation, which is its own iffy thing, since Sphinx's advice for working with the conf file is "just generate it". I'd really like to have some insight on why I might choose to lay any of this out one way and not another.

Oh well, something to look into next week.