Diary 2019-03-17

By Max Woerner Chase

I did a little bit of documentation work, but I'd like to make the plugin, which means setting up a new project. I'm not sure if Python got a better story for starting a project when I wasn't looking. The Structured Data project is based off a cookiecutter, but I've customized it heavily beyond that, and I've never quite gotten how to use cookiecutters. Like, I have a strong, sincere conviction that it should be possible to tweak the generation parameters for a cookiecutter and update an existing project, and no evidence whatsoever that there is any way to actually do this. So, for the plugin, I'll be just directly copying the coverage5 branch of Structured Data and pulling stuff out of it.

Okay, some time later, I've updated a whole bunch of the support code. It's not worth trying to fix up any more just yet, but I think I should soon be able to push, and from there, fix the rest of the badges. I also need to update the requirements, have a proper test file tree, and actually write some code. (And find any other bits I missed.) Feeling good about getting this done in the next few days, though.

(Addendum: did I... forget to publish this? Weird.)