Diary 2018-12-30

By Max Woerner Chase


So exhausting.

7 Billion Humans.

Oddly, given the name, less exhausting.

I'm still feeling like I'm often having trouble applying concepts from one level to later levels. It's like, I'm getting more commands as time goes on, but I don't feel like I'm developing any but the most basic of higher-level patterns to apply to the assignments. It's been a while since I played Human Resource Machine, but I think its progression was slightly more obvious. I could be wrong, though. The problem, either way, manifests as some levels taking much longer than the levels before and after them, but maybe it's more complicated than that.

It'd be cool if I'd done anything else to write about today, but it was mostly just hanging out with friends visiting from another timezone.

I did start trying to write up the islands I want to build. There's a little bit of a chicken and egg thing going on where I can't really guess how much space the functional aspects will take up unless I build them, but I've got nowhere to build unless I make an island. Maybe I'll aim to have "enough" horizontal space, and just build upward as needed.