Conlanging 2020-03-16

By Max Woerner Chase

I made glosses, minor revisions, and updates to my grammar notes. Somehow, making detailed glosses was exhausting. I don't know if that's typical, something that can just be like that for some people, or a reaction to the prospect of not leaving the house for the next week.

For the heck of it, I'll paste (and lightly edit) the glosses I wrote. I doubt they'll make much sense without the context of what I have worked out about the grammar, but eh. They're still a little rough, but most of the important ideas are there. The source is the beginning of a sermon based around the folklore of the con-culture. When I have some time, I'll change some of the hyphens to dots, but which should be which is a matter of derivational morphology, which I'm punting on. The "g#" markers are arbitrary gender markers, because I don't have a lexicon. The pronouns are kind of wobbly right now, and some of them are almost certainly under-specified currently. I didn't figure out what I want to call "every" in the context of the glosses, but I knew how I wanted to treat it. (According to my notes, "result-verb" ought to be "should", but I don't know if I'm keeping that.)

art-def-g1-nom first-g1-nom sin-g1 be-3s be-prep art-def-g2-nom hubris-g2-nom. art-def-g1-nom devil-g1-nom think-3s refl-3s-acc be-prep art-irr-g1-nom great-g1-nom com-(?) art-def-g2 god-def-g2. g1-nom result-3s art-def-g1-nom wield-inf-g1-nom art-def-g2-dat creation-g2-dat art-def-pl-acc tools-pl-acc. art-def-g1-nom god-g1-nom result-3s art-def-g1-nom punish-inf-g1-nom g2-acc inst-prep art-def-n-dat cast-inf-n-dat into-prep art-g3-dat world-g3-dat imperfect-g3-dat relative-acc g2-nom create-3s. art-pl-nom army-pl-nom hell-g1-gen be-3p be-prep art-pl-nom reflection-pl-nom diminished-pl-nom g2-gen. pl-nom seek-3p art-def-n-nom usurp-inf-n-nom art-def-g1-dat god-g1-dat art-def-g2-acc creation-g2-acc for-prep art-def-n-nom improve-inf-n-nom refl-3p-acc. g1-nom believe-3s art-irr-n-nom bolster-inf-n-nom (every)-g2-nom bit-g2-nom creation-g3-gen god-g4-gen relative-acc g1-nom incorporate-3s into-prep art-def-g5-dat refl-3p-gen refl-3p-dat art-def-pl-acc power-pl-acc creative-pl-acc.

It'd be kind of cool if I could say that this is all part of a method I've worked out to conlanging, but I really haven't done enough of it. Basically, I'm feeling my way around, seeing what's easy to do that seems promising. I want to do some analysis of these glosses, then figure out what other features I want to show off, write sentences for those, analyze them, and try getting the analysis loaded into software.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm sleepy and I can't reasonably expect to get any given task all the way to completion in the next few minutes.

Good night.