Conlanging 2020-01-08

By Max Woerner Chase

This week started off kind of stressful, so I didn't end up focusing much on conlanging today, but I did put together a table of correlatives, so that I have a checklist of pronouns to come up with, more or less. Right now, I'm kind of thinking about this language in terms of how it expresses the Europeanisms that it acquires, and that turns out to make a bunch of decisions for me. I feel like this area is going to need a lot of focus, because the use of "correlatives" is one of the things that will make this language resemble German a lot, and in a way that English does somewhat, which means that I need to look for degrees of freedom to allow me to express features like "Forming questions the way English does" without making it a relex. Fortunately, some of the stuff I'm putting in has implications I'm just now realizing, that make some things look really different.

I should wrap it up now. My schedule tomorrow is super weird, at least by my standards. I think tomorrow I'd like to try developing some idea of the evolution of syntax.

Good night.