Conlanging 2020-01-01

By Max Woerner Chase

For the last night of the new year, I put in some more work on my weird sort-of-joke conlang. I've put together a draft collection of sound changes, not yet organized into a proper sequence, that should properly convert from the ancient to the modern phonology. Probably of more interest is putting together the histories of particular words. I think what I need to do is figure out at which points major bits of grammaticalization happened (like the development of the case system), and break up the sound changes so they take the words to each such event, and apply any required changes manually. Figuring out how to apply those changes automatically is the major hurdle to clear to get nice tooling around this process.

One thing I'd like to do is port the SCA² tool to run offline. I tried this one before, and got tripped up by the way the code was written.

Anyway, I should wind down for now, then get into grammatical history tomorrow.

Good night.