Coding 2022-09-10

By Max Woerner Chase

The chapter on the scanner is done, but I'm not ready to move on. The test coverage is way too low, I hit all sorts of errors testing things manually, and there are a bunch of questionable choices that I made in the service of getting things done.

I ended up writing more code to interact with Lua's native protocols, and this just feels sensible to me. If you write code to work with an object system, then it works with that object system, but if you write code to transform iterators, then it works with everything.

I've been tweaking things pretty hard as far as auto-formatting goes, and I'm still not really satisfied. Currently, I'm using LuaFormatter with a bunch of custom configuration, which overall gives me most of what I want.

But yeah, I need to take a break from getting code in, and work on verifying and documenting the stuff that's in there now.

Good night.