Coding 2022-05-14

By Max Woerner Chase

Okay, I did a little work on writing, but not much. I need the air to be less harsh before I can really focus.

For now, I want to make plans for testing the Mypy wrapper.

So, Mypy is the next logical step, because it has xUnit output, so there are additional post-processing steps. The things that need to be linked up are:

Parts of the command line wrapper should include:

Looking over the relevant code, I wonder if the definition of FlexOut should be tweaked so it creates its own labels without them being passed in. That seems reasonable to me.

Then, we get into the combination. This needs:

Then, converting to html:

It'll be interesting to see what weird oversights are lurking in the code, because I think most of this should be straightforward, and that makes me feel like I'm missing something.

Anyway, I'm not awake for much longer, so I'll wrap this here.

Good night.