Coding 2022-05-11

By Max Woerner Chase

I had a rough couple of days, so I finished the basics of the planned renames to blow off steam. This was a little bit of a double-edged sword, because it turns out getting the renames done was a lot of typing, and I was trying to do it fast, so my hands feel mildly weird after all of that.

Anyway, I'm going to let that sit and come back to it on the weekend. I think I'll work on writing tests, unless something else comes up.

Anyway, thinking about writing. I'm not in the best shape right now for ~*~creativity~*~, but I can put together some plans, some stuff to fill in.

For the setting I'm focusing on, one way to sum it up is that a small group of people with very different fields of expertise are gearing up to fight off an alien invasion. So, I want to come up with a few different areas of expertise. So far I've got:

Here are some roles that, on reflection, seem like kind of good ideas:

I think I'll call things there for now, and try and flesh this out and see what else I feel like is missing later.

For now, I want to unwind properly.

Good night.