Worldbuilding — Korín, Sorín, and Arín 2022-01-26

By Max Woerner Chase

All right, I took another look at the poem draft, and there certainly are still issues, including a few that I introduced in the last editing pass, but you know what? I'd rather move on for now.

Move on from the frustration of agonizing over word choices, to the frustration of trying to figure out how to follow up on this.

To start with, let's see what I established in this poem. I know there are some ideas I have that I didn't convey, and I'm honestly not concerned about conveying in the poem, but I should make sure I have a good sense of what is being conveyed.

I've sent out the draft to a few people, so we'll see what kind of feedback I get on how much of that, beyond the very obvious, was clear.

(I mean, some items on that list, I expect other people not to list because they're obscure, and other things, I expect other people not to list because they're obvious, so the stuff in between is probably the most interesting.)

Anyway, this was a use of my time, and I'm not going to stress myself out about doing significantly more in the next hour. Hopefully less time than that. I don't actually want to be on my laptop until midnight.

Good night.