Worldbuilding — Korín, Sorín, and Arín 2021-09-23

By Max Woerner Chase

I ended last night trying to figure out how to complete a rhyme. I ended tonight trying to figure out how to complete a rhyme. The difference is, it's a few stanzas later.

As long as I'm working through the outline, I'm making progress. It's just... kind of unpleasant, sometimes. Maybe a lot of the time.

I feel like I've dug myself into a hole somewhat, blog-content-wise. Because I can't just post the stuff I've been writing. It's rough-draft quality, which I admit doesn't stop me from putting up most of my posts, but, I don't have a good counter-argument to the point I brought up. Still not doing it, though.

I think I'm at least halfway through, currently. I mean, let's see, that's 18 stanzas so far, rounding up.

At least 6 stanzas for the fight, and it would kind of surprise me if the aftermath took even 10... I could be completely wrong about that, though.

This may end up lacking a certain punchiness next to the outline, but whatever. If there's material to shave off, that's happening after I finish the draft.

Anyway, I'm going to regret it if I think too much more about the post, so let's wrap it up abruptly.

Good night.