Weekly Roundup 2020-12-01

By Max Woerner Chase

Next week, I'm working on actually planning this stuff, both in terms of what to refactor, and what I'm going to implement. I've got a big list of stuff that I'm going to flesh out with more and more information, including my plans for localization, and what I want to implement, from each of the seven systems.

One other thing that I apparently have to work out if I ever want to upgrade pip again for these projects, is how to replicate my old constraints-based flow, which is totally not how constraints files were meant to be used. The cleanest way is probably devpi, but... effort. The quickstart tells me to set up supervisord, and the first time I tried that, it didn't feel quick at all. I'll try again later, I guess. Or, I can try reimplementing URL constraints myself. PRs welcome, and all.