Weekly Roundup 2018-04-22

By Max Woerner Chase

In the past week, I wrote the following posts:

In addition, I redid my publishing flow some. I took the pelican-generated makefile I hadn't been using, translated part of it into messy Python, added more Python to interface with undocumented-as-far-as-I-can-tell parts of the Neocities API. The end goal is to have a nice framework for pulling in and manipulating other data, so I can use other generators in concert with pelican, and do some sanity checks before building. I want all this by next Thursday, so I can be publishing Conworld Codex documentation here. (At some point I'll put it on GitHub and it can have documentation somewhere more obvious.) I also looked up and did the tweaks needed to use external HTML, with processing disabled (so I can use stuff like LDoc) locally (so I can try to write articles and pages in the form of tiddlywikis, because that sounds hilarious). Doing that also needs some hg ignores. I also got tmuxinator set up, and tried to get back into neovim. Basically, it's been a few days of mad scramble to get tooling ready for the stuff I want to do.