Site Design Accidentally Done 2018-09-14

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

"Hm, the problem is that there's a bunch of vertical space to fill evenly, and the scrollbar adds extra stuff on one, which throws off the alignment."


diff --git a/static/css/main.scss b/static/css/main.scss
--- a/static/css/main.scss
+++ b/static/css/main.scss
@@ -196,6 +196,10 @@
     max-width: 600px;

+.code, .linenos {
+    vertical-align: top;
 .highlight pre {
     background-color: $base03;
     color: $base0;

"... Oh."

Turns out these problems are a lot easier when you come at them from the right angle.

While I'm in here, I'm going to drop that max-width a little to let the right-hand side breathe, or at least not be covered up. I pulled it in 9 pixels, which is a sign to me that I should be trying to put more math in these, because that's an arbitrary amount. Actually, even further. Also, if I keep the widths and font sizes like this, I'm going to have to start rewrapping code samples at slightly ridiculous line widths. Really tempted to just drop the code block font size way down. Like, to 10px. I think that still looks readable. Or not, if I employ the advanced technique of "switch tabs, switch tabs back, squint"

Current plan going forward: rewrap code samples at line 40.

Next time, I just relax, I don't know.

I've come to the conclusion that it'd do me some good to kind of modulate how intensely I work in a given week. Basically, have some weeks without projects.

In any case, I was thinking more about Ghosts of Departed Proofs, and I'm asking myself enough questions about how I actually want it to be used, that I think I'm best served by switching to a more concrete project.

Until I get into that, though, I found myself thinking about various newtype and newtype-adjacent things I've attempted in Rust.

(I think I should put effort into getting my thoughts down as I have them, somehow. I had various thoughts earlier today that I thought, "Oh, that should go in the blog" and now I don't remember them.)

Probably the best thing for me to be working on is that "other reading" I think I mentioned. Get that done, and then look into ebooks to grab, or ebooks I already have.

Oh yeah, one thing I was thinking about earlier was a cool logo for the OMI, and how I'd like to scope out getting back into writing it. Probably going to be a completely fresh version of it, since I want to have a different focus, and also redo the theming in line with the rest of the blog.

One thing that would really make the OMI credible is other writing, probably in the vein of Linked Seas, so I figure I can plan soon, but putting the rubber to the road is blocked on, I really need to do that reading, so I don't feel bad doing other reading.

... This post failed to publish, apparently because there's too many files to upload at once. (This is post-fixing-the-stylesheet.)