Site Design 2022-08-19

By Max Woerner Chase

Things are coming together on the redesign. More accent colors showing things off and spacing things out, better scrolling behavior, local fonts so my fonts get served from the same CDN as my content, tags overhauled to show up properly...

By the way, I don't mind if anyone tries to copy stuff from this site's CSS, either before or after I roll out the update, but if it does occur to you, keep in mind that I'm self-taught, and using trial and error on a small set of browser configurations. While I believe the style and template updates will represent a net improvement in presentation quality, there could be all kinds of regressions or unaddressed issues.

I want to take a few days to poke around for additional issues, and work on the Sweet Bonus Feature that I was prioritizing everything else over. At some point, I should maybe try to put together some kind of automated tool for evaluating drafts of the blog without having to click around myself to find every issue like "Oh no, this rule is applying too much", or "this element still has the wrong width if the screen is too narrow" or "there are too many scroll bars".

Anyway, yeah, a better phone experience is coming. At least, assuming that "smush it into a smaller viewport than apparently anything on the market, and assume it works at all intermediate resolutions" is valid enough as a way of improving the phone experience.

Good night.