RPG Idea: Demiurgent Business

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

I've been thinking about tabletop roleplaying games lately. I've been trying to get some steam into GMing a solo campaign for my wife, but we keep on not thinking to get into it. Maybe we should set a time each week.

Anyway, a couple other ideas kind of swirled around in my head...

Basically, can I come up with a way to replicate some of the details of Legend's system (humanoid race plus three class features, or monstrous race with feature replacing class feature, either option can freely replace a class feature with one from another class), but divorced from the "combat balance" ideas? Tonally, I want to have the class features represent different pop culture archetypes. Suppose I get together pirates, aliens, zombies, robots, etc... what's a setting that lets them shine without dealing with combat resolution?

Thinking over this, my impulse is to do some kind of high school/college drama, maybe. Or perhaps some other situation with jockeying for status. Or maybe something that's like Haruhi Suzumiya, but with the serial numbers filed off. Having to deal with a god-like NPC would be interesting, but only if the rules transparently dictated the NPC's mood/whims, and the GM's job was just to convey them flavorfully.

Although, if there are legitimate fantasy creatures running around openly, the NPC would have to be comically nearsighted or something, not to notice.

The basic structure I'm thinking of is that the player characters all have various extraordinary abilities, but risk gaining Break when they use them normally. Under some circumstances, things are explicitly unreal, and they can use their abilities freely.

Race concepts:

Class concepts:

Characters would be a class and race, and some further customization: what do they look like, what clubs are they in, how do they know each other...

If I go with numerical stats, there probably wouldn't be strength. More likely:

This has been throwing out some concepts, but I think what I need if I'm going to pursue this is a lot of reference material, and a few gameplay assumptions.


Gameplay elements to look for:

Actually, looking at how much I wrote down stuff Ewen Cluney was involved in, and seeing stuff from Bully Pulpit, I wonder if something like Durance's planet creation/selection rules could be used to make a custom Demiurge. Like, the initial report showed that dealing with the Demiurge would be no big deal, for reasons A, B, C, D, E, F. Now pick three of those that were somehow mistaken, falsified, or otherwise wrong.

In any case, a few of those I don't really have ideas for, and I feel like my focus in tracking down reference material should be stuff with masquerade support of some kind, and stuff set in high school.

Trying to design a relatively focused game like this seems interesting. I'll have to look into it... maybe sooner than you think... ooooooo