Reading 2018-09-23

By Max Woerner Chase

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Because of the chapter-a-day thing, I finished the first book last night, and have today to reflect on it. Handy! Anyway, it's done.

There's some stuff toward the end that I'm fairly sure I don't remember from last time. After some rough going in chapter six, chapter seven did feel like it was reversing course in terms of stuff that takes me out of the story.

I remember talking to my wife about how the story felt last time around, and how it seemed like I was doing a bad job of conveying stuff, so whatever. It's like, the old version made it feel like I couldn't imagine things going forward for the protagonist. I don't know what the new version of that section is like, but, like... am I excited to find out?

Like, I feel kind of bad that I'm not hyped for my wife's writing, but the last draft I looked at didn't really seem to be "for me" in some sense, and I'm not really sure about this one. I felt a similar way about a book she recommended to me. Maybe I should take another look...

Next time, what I thought of this week.

PS Working with Prolog is melting my brain, and I've barely accomplished anything.