Pip 2021-03-26

By Max Woerner Chase

I started consolidating the rest of the tests tonight. I got the really obvious, low-hanging fruit. There's probably more to be done, but I'm not going to strain too hard to see it just yet.

It's kind of a pain how long the tests take to run, and how sometimes I missed something that turned my changes from rewrite into breakage, but I should be one or two cycles away from wrapping up for the night.

Okay, I see I fixed one test, but not the other. Time to debug... in a few minutes...

And after one more cycle, it's done for now. I pushed what I have, even though I think I need to do more. I just felt like updating the public view of my fork. (And checking that I didn't manage to break an earlier version of Python.)

Anyway, I'll get back to this whenever. Work has calmed down a bit, but that's not an excuse to immediately use up all the slack on something else. So, I should get to bed soon.

Good night.