Ink-Py 2019-11-27

By Max Woerner Chase

Ink-Py status: I've got documentation building, but not in, like, a useful way. I've shoved everything I can think of into the noxfile. Right now I've got a distinct step for generating all compiled story files up front, which is... kind of slow. Getting the coverage data to generate correctly appears to require a bunch of stuff that it really shouldn't.

I've added a test, but since I just ported the test straight over from the C# codebase, getting it to pass requires either implementing a whole bunch of functionality, or, like, taking the lazy way out like I guess TDD says I'm supposed to. Honestly, I'd rather just port stuff over as much as possible and see what that gets me. My hope is that getting one test to pass will take most of the effort, since this one test touches a lot of functionality.

I spent most of the day trying and failing to trim down the coverage configuration, so I can't get any further tonight on trying to make the new test pass. We'll see what I have time for tomorrow.

Good night.