Functional Specifications - Retrospective 2018-12-03

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

Since the last entry, I pulled more stuff into the Untitled Wagon Game spec, and added another spec, this time for a conlang. I also got the bulk of the paperwork figured out; just need to ask a few questions, and I can work out what remains. The worst bit was not having a decision.

I spent much of last week under way too much stress, but I did inch along with this functional specification stuff, so that's good.

My plan was just "write a bunch of these specifications" and I at least got started on a bunch of them, but I've got a lot more information to pull in.

I want to avoid taking on projects without a specification for now (though sometimes the specification kind of is the project), so I'm going to just keep on improving these specifications for now.

Next week, I think I should switch into diary mode for the foreseeable future.