Functional Specifications - Planning 2018-11-28

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

I've written... started writing a few functional specifications for things recently, and I really like it compared to the ad-hoc kind of specifications I did before, and it felt a little nicer than outlines for Vislav Peterson and the Island of Gold.

As such, I want to revisit some old and new projects and start writing functional specifications for them. For this post, I'm just going to list stuff, not get started, because there's a lot and it's late.

A few that I hadn't been thinking about:

I think the most interesting/useful to go for to start with would be:

That seems like a fair amount to go on, even if I just end up making skeletons for all of the ones I haven't started, but if I somehow get through all this, I think doing Mirror Scrimmage next would be a nice treat.

I did my drafts for Vislav Peterson and the Island of Gold and Untitled Wagon Game as reStructuredText files, but I wonder if this whole endeavor wouldn't make more sense as Google Docs...

Next time, I start making skeletons of these things.