Diary 2023-05-12

By Max Woerner Chase

Well, here we are. I'm posting this entry, and redoing all of the pages on this site, because I've finished updating the theme files. Now, they're Selenized. While I was at it, I redid the light/dark mode theming to provide a proper fallback on low-end browsers what don't show up on Can I use. (I mean, I guess it shows up better on Internet Explorer. (And Opera Mini.) (I have not attempted to confirm this.)) And, lastly


At last!

:) (glitchy)

Somewhat improved legibility!

:) (glitchier)

The old version of this icon was too spicy to actually be used!

Yep, we've come so far. Maybe I'll remember to actually use that later.

Anyway, at some point, I need to fix some bugs I discovered by rotating the saltate plugin in my head, but for now, I should take things easy. I'm going to be worrying enough about making sure there aren't any show-stoppers in this post.

Good night.