Diary 2022-07-07

By Max Woerner Chase

Writing went well again.

After I messed around with Firefox's new download flow, I switched some stuff back how they wanted it, and some stuff how they didn't. At this point, I'm genuinely not sure if I'm actually using the new flow, but it says I am, and all of the overrides I have set up are supposed to be supported, so I think I'm prepared to not be nervous about getting the rug yanked out from under me.

I'm also pondering some software stuff, but I should really see about finishing up the current, months-long push on MOTR before I focus on working on the tooling.

Aside from all of that... I don't know, I should try to be a little more on top of the stuff that I do every day and don't really talk about in these entries? We'll see.

Anyway, time to wind down.

Good night.