Diary 2022-07-06

By Max Woerner Chase

I had a good day of writing; I probably won't be able to replicate that on days that I don't have off, but we'll see...

I updated Firefox, and that seems to have done some weird things to my extensions. Hopefully, that clears itself up later as more people use them. The other thing I'm expecting from this update is that they redid the downloads workflow in response to user feedback, so I'm giving that a chance. I just need to have something to download in order to test it. I'll figure that out later.


I poked around a bit, and stuff that I thought wasn't working before, period, now seems to be working, so, um, confused but happy shrug to all of that? I'll need to use it in anger to see if the download panel bothers me, but I think I've got the rest of the workflow the way I'd like it.

Anyway, I'm going to take care of some other things after I publish this post, and then try to take things easy.

Good night.