Diary 2022-06-03

By Max Woerner Chase

Ugh. I did my best to have a nice, relaxing day today. I think I really did. But a few things were working against me.

Just now, I had a bunch of tech issues: The travel website was, I think, gratuitously confusing, and I had trouble getting stuff to print after I got through the website. That should be all set, but maybe we will find a [FUN] surprise tomorrow.

Anyway, that's that taken care, as best I can do.

I also did a bit more work on MOTR today. I haven't gotten the new tests passing, but it should be straightforward to finish up. Emphasis on should. Getting as far as I got today involved writing a ~twenty-line helper function and making code changes that I really hope were justified and principled.

Oh wow, I think I'm crashing from freaking out over that website. Stupid neurochemistry. Okay, yeah, feeling bad; I'd better wrap this up.

Good night.