Diary 2022-04-01

By Max Woerner Chase

So... Patrick's Parabox.

I also took some more notes on The Document for Missable Mysteries. Most of the notes were venting, owing to the fact that The Document's author embarked on a roller-coaster misunderstanding of chemistry, nuclear physics, electricity, linguistics, and probably some other stuff that I blocked out, in the space of a few pages. This is dire stuff, and I'm going to have to push through to get to equally dire stuff that will give me lesson ideas.

(One reason I'm not naming The Document is that I don't want to let the identity of the author distract from the author's misunderstandings. The other main reason is that the title technically uses notation that doesn't exist in unicode.)

Anyway, it's late, so I should publish this and get ready for bed.

Good night.