Diary 2021-12-10

By Max Woerner Chase

Seems like I needed a break today, so I took one. Ish.

I don't really have a sense of how much effort I put into anything, and I think I've not been getting enough sleep recently, so I'm going to cut myself off a bit early tonight.

That doesn't need to happen quite yet though, so I'm going to mess around a bit. One thing I've been wanting to investigate for writing is random oracles, and I could use stuff like Ewen Cluney's oracles and tables for genre-specific stuff, or I could look into traditional systems and just apply them to fictional characters and situations. This is partly inspired by playing around with ai-dungeon-type stuff, which has a few issues:

So, I'm going to post this soon, and start messing with programming based divination for extreme efficiency.

Good night.