Diary 2021-06-12

By Max Woerner Chase

Two major things prevented me from having much to write about today. The bigger problem was that I was unable to get to sleep for a good stretch of last night, so I was in a confused haze all day.

The more recent problem was that something in all the code and scripts related to pyenv is setting my PYENV_VERSION environment variable to system whenever I start a shell, which is really great if you want pyenv local to be useless, and in no other circumstance that I can think of. I've determined that the problem manifests sometime between the end of .profile and the beginning of config.fish, which... I don't know what goes between those. This is a clear case of ignorance on my part, and my Mastodon account is right down there if anyone wants to educate me on this.

I mean, I'm working around this by including pyenv shell --unset in my config.fish, but what if I didn't need that line in the first place? Wouldn't that be nice?

Getting this fixed was a priority because Three Dollar Quill has its own virtualenv for installing stuff like the youtube embedding extension, and I didn't want to manually set the pyenv environment to that every time I entered the directory, like some kind of caveman.

I'm really excited to figure out how to put my design ideas for the task runner into practice, but that's not happening until I get a good night's sleep. Speaking of which.

Good night.