Diary 2021-05-22

By Max Woerner Chase

I stressed out too much about work, and it is causing me so much pain now, even as I try to think about anything else. Why is the human body like this? "Well, I'm worried about doing a good job, so clearly the helpful thing is to violently dehydrate myself and become physically incapable of looking at bright lights, which is basically my job."

It didn't hit me quite that bad this time, no thanks to my autonomic nervous system. Writing that rant did remind me to rehydrate, so, self-care, yay.

I did some work on a con-script for the conlang I'm working on, but I somehow miscounted the acceptable values in one of the parameters. ("It's a featural script!" *Booooo* "But only in the protolang." *Oooooo*) Anyway, miscounted, need to rethink this a bit.

And, I took a break from writing between that sentence and this one, and I think I've got some ideas now. I'll try them out.

I've tried out the ideas. So far, they seem interesting and solid in isolation, but I'm missing a few key components still, so I can't put it all together yet. (I'd "put it all together" into transcribing English to start with, because I don't have any words in the conlang to work with, and the phonology I'm trying to put an orthography to is, in spite of some oddness, mostly a subset of English phonology. The hopefully interesting stuff come from the differences, and also the phonotactics.)

With just a bit more time, I've got a full first draft laid out. I'll see what I think of it later, because right now I just want to read.

Good night.